Why Should I Hire a Makeup Artist?

A common question I always get is why should I hire a makeup artist. I’m going to go over a few of the most common reasons why you would spend the extra money on your special day for a great makeup artist.

1)      Most makeup artists use high quality, professional grade makeup products. Most makeup artists will have hundreds, if not thousands of dollars’ worth of high-quality products. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on make-up for one day or one event, you can simply hire a great makeup artist that already stocks all the products you would have to buy. Most makeup artists also keep up with modern trends in the makeup industry and will have the products, techniques and experience you cannot purchase. There are special primers, setting sprays, powders and mascaras that you are a makeup artist will use.

2)    The specific look you are going for takes a specific talent to produce. Some brides want to look natural while others want to look more glamorous for their special day. There are many different shades of makeup needed to match your complexion and pores to produce high quality photos. 

3)   Applying makeup is not as easy as it sounds. There are specific application techniques that makeup artists learn over their career. These makeup techniques cannot be learned by simply watching a YouTube video or Instagram post.

4)    The makeup artist can apply your makeup correctly during the first application. if you are not familiar with producing a specific, I’ll come and look with makeup, it may take you twice as long to produce this look since you are not familiar with the specific makeup, mascara, and brushes to use.

5)    Plain and simply put, you want to have as little stress on your special day as possible. There are already many parts to a great wedding you will be stressed out about, so take makeup and hair off your list of things to worry about. If you have a great consultation with your makeup artist, you can discuss what specific look you are going for and even look at other Brides to give your makeup artist an idea of the specific shade and color of makeup you want on your wedding day. 

6)   As simple as it may sound, a makeup artist knows how to apply fake eyelashes and make them look as real as possible. While you think it may be easy to Simply glue a pair of eyelashes to your eyelids, it’s not as easy as it looks. This is one more small task that can lead to stress on your wedding day. You will want high quality eyelashes for your photographs, so you look stunning and amazing. Feel free to check out my work here

7)    Many brides want to try and save money and either do their makeup themselves or ask one of their friends to do the makeup. Do not make this mistake on your wedding day, especially if your friend is attending the wedding. If you do not get the perfect face to match your perfect dress on your perfect day, trust me, you will be very upset on a day that you do not want to be upset.

 In short, spend a little bit of extra money to get your face photograph ready. Make sure your bridesmaids also have high quality makeup on your wedding day. It’s best if you let your makeup artist do yourself and your bridesmaids on the same day at the same time. Click Here to reach out and thanks for stopping by.

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