Real Techniques Setting Brush Review

Generally when beauty bloggers say, look what I got in the mail, it means that they got stuff sent by the companies, but when I say yoohoo, here is what I got in the mail, it means I have been wanting or waiting for some product to arrive in my life and may have received it!! So here it is; I ordered the Real Techniques Setting Brush that I have been wanting to try for a very long time.

I am a highlighter junkie and love to be on fleek (which is a new term in the strobing world), but for the longest time I have been struggling to find the right brush for highlighting. I am also a brush hoarder by the way (which makeup addict isn’t?) and therefore own a ton of brushes. But surprisingly so, I had none that fit this bill cause a highlighter brush should be able to provide some precision but at the same time deliver an airbrushed look (in my humble opinion!)

This Real Techniques Setting Brush is great for the purpose. It is supposed to be used for a controlled dusting of powder or highlighter. I have been using it for applying a powder highlighter (which is the primary reason why I bought it) but have also been putting it to use with a face powder to set my under eye concealer. It does a pretty good job because the bristles are so soft and dense that it is gentle enough to be used under the eyes. Since it is dome shaped, the tapered ends are great for reaching the contours of the eyes.

As a brush for the highlighter, it is petite enough to deliver a controlled highlight, meaning, with this brush you can highlight the very tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, without having to worry about the powder shooting off everywhere and your face looking like a disco ball! Since the sides of the brush are considerably flattened, sweeping of the brush in an upwards motion can give you that precise but blended out highlight.

The bristles are synthetic and 100% cruelty free, which I hugely appreciate.

I have so far used it only with powder products, but I will definitely try it with cream products too, specially with my creamy under eye concealer as the bristles are so soft and gentle. I have just washed it once (before use) and did not notice any shedding whatsoever.

The brush comes neatly encased in a see through plastic packaging. I love the pink and black colors on the brush and love how the bottom part of the brush is matte black. The brush is sleek and not heavy at all.

This brush is a part of their Original Collection, retails for $8 on the Real Techniques website. But I ordered it online from Amazon..

My verdict: I love this brush, this is my first from Real Techniques and I am pleasantly surprised by the quality. It is an extremely well made brush, super soft and very plush! I am looking forward to trying more brushes from Real Techniques specially their Blush Brush and the Expert Face Brush. Lastly, I don’t find the price exorbitant simply because it is a great quality brush and is now thankfully available everyone across the globe.

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