My MAC’s Fix Plus Review

When a girl frequents one particular store over and over again, it definitely means something. For me that store is MAC, a store I visit not because of its display of the new arrivals kept oh so beautifully opposite its front doors but for that one product I keep repurchasing time and again. It is the MAC Fix Plus (Fix +). But this time with a little bit of it left, I decided to do without it. I was determined to give my other finishing sprays a go. But let me confess, walking down the aisles of the Mall , first of all it is very difficult to miss the MAC store and on top of that I literally got pulled in to MAC!! Thank my head for building up the pressure and repeating that no other facial spray works better, I ended up at the store. Using up 8 bottles over the years, I am slightly tipsy purchasing my 9th! So here is presenting to you a review a my beloved MAC Fix Plus.

The product: From the Prep and Prime range, MAC Fix Plus is a mist of water infused with the goodness of vitamins and minerals. The water also contains blends of green tea, chamomile and cucumber known for their soothing and refreshing properties. In short, MAC Fix Plus is a spray of energized water most popularly used as a hydrating mist or as a makeup finishing spray. It is non-antigenic, which means it is less likely to cause breakouts and it is therefore potentially safe to use on acne prone skin (like mine).

How to use it: Hold the bottle 10-12 inches away from the face and spray before or after makeup. The water evaporates in about 15-20 seconds leaving a hydrated glow on the skin.

How I like to use it: I have very many uses of the MAC Fix Plus. Here are some of them:

1. To hydrate my skin on a hot day and to give it a boost of refreshment.

2. To calm my senses with the light but sweet scent of cucumber and chamomile.

3. To take off the powdery look that is left behind by powder foundations and compacts. A quick note here, MAC Fix Plus does an excellent job of melting away the cakey look that is sometimes caused by heavy foundations and face powders.

4. To add a glow to my face. Fix Plus offers a dewy finish to the makeup, making it look very natural.

5. To dilute very thick foundations. The trick is to spray MAC Fix Plus on the foundation brush before applying the foundation or using a couple of sprays on the face directly before using any makeup.

6. As a mixing medium or a thinner for dehydrated gel liners and the likes.

7. To bring out the best pigmentation in regular and foiled eye shadows.

8. To add shine to my hair (not kidding, it actually works!).

9. To help loose pigments and glittery shadows adhere better. The idea is to spray Fix Plus on to the eyeshadow brush before picking up the pigment or shadow.

10. To hydrate my skin on long flights in order to combat the dry cabin air.

The Packaging: I am not a huge fan of the packaging. Sure it comes in a plastic bottle and with a cap that has a spray locking mechanism but well, I must have broken at least 5 or 6 caps out of the 9 bottles I have owned. There is something flimsy about the caps that is hard to put a finger on, but they break in my hands easily and sometimes in a fall. Also the spray is not very uniform; it drenches the face in spots sometimes which can get annoying specially with a full face of makeup that you would not like to ruin. Therefore, I like to transfer my MAC Fix Plus in little bottles from Sephora that are easy to travel with and those that allow a light mist.

Price and availability: It retails for $88 (prices have increased over the years) for 100 ml; available at all MAC stores around the country.

My verdict: MAC Fix plus is often confused as a setting spray. It is actually a finishing spray, the difference between the two is that a finishing spray does not necessarily make the makeup last longer. Its primary job is to set makeup and refresh the skin. But to my mind because of its multiple uses, Mac Fix Plus is an indispensable item in my vanity. I use it all throughout the year and it never fails me. I highly recommend this product and encourage you to try it out if you have not already. A big thank you to MAC cosmetics for creating such a multifunctional product.

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