Daniel Sandler Watercolor Blusher Review

Sometimes when Monday blues take over, all you want to do is apply some pink blush and head out of the door. That was my exact plan when I ordered the award winning-cult favorite ‘Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blushers’ all the way from England!!

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush Divine

This product is so raved about, such a favorite with celebrities, makeup artists and beauty bloggers that I decided to give it a shot. Here is a review:

The product: Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blusher is a silicone based, oil free, liquid blush that claims to be waterproof. It has a water like consistency but when blended out, dries to a powder like finish. It is highly pigmented, a small dot of the blush goes a long way.

Colours: Pretty impressive shade selection of 16 colours! After weeks of deliberation, I got 2 shades: So Pretty and Truth.

So Pretty is a true pink that looks like a perfect blush colour specially on Indian skin tones. Slight specks of shimmer are visible from its see through bottle but actually when applied, they are chunks of silver glitter that show up a little too obvious. I like my blushes to have a hint of sheen, but this cinderella-esque glitter is just not my style. I tried to work with this product in different ways, also tried to dust away the shimmer particles post application, but they do not come off. The shade is very pretty, but the glitter just puts me off.

Truth is a flesh toned peach coloured blush that looks like a beautiful highlight shade. I bought it after reading a few blog posts and online reviews; again a favourite among so many, but a disappointment for me. The colour is gorgeous; it would have been perfect highlighter if it did not have those silver chunks of glitter in it.

Lasting power: The lasting power of these blushes is pretty amazing. They stay put for about 4-5 hours on me even when I am super oily.

Packaging: The packaging is not revolutionary; it is just simple, tiny, convenient-to-travel plastic container that resembles a bottle of eye drops. The cap screws tight preventing any leakage. The blush color is visible from the outside.

How to apply: Shake the bottle and squeeze out a drop. Since the product is so pigmented, only a tiny drop is sufficient to get the product going. Can be applied with the finger tips or with a synthetic brush. A couple more drops can be added in to build the desired intensity. The liquid dries pretty quickly on the skin, so working fast with it is the key for a blended out look.

Price and availability: I got mine for $15 each, but they are currently available at a discount on the feelunique.com.

My verdict: I remember this was a Lisa Eldridge recommendation a while ago and therefore it rose to the top of my must-try-blush list. But about the blush, well, the pigmentation is great, staying power is lovely, but sadly it did not work for me because of the glitter. I understand, I got the colors wrong, there are some which do not have glitter in them, but again, the damage is sadly done. But despite that there is one particular shade called ‘Spicey’ that I would love to try. It is a pretty sienna colored (non-shimmery) blush and if I ever try it, a blog post is promised!!

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