Bobbi Brown blush in Tawny 2 Review

Fighting off this huge guilt as I write this post, which is not just about a blush, it is about ‘the blush’ that I bought a month ago and have been loving to death. Well, trying not to be too dramatic, I am going to review one of my favorite blushes from Bobbi Brown called Tawny 2. But why am I feeling guilty? well, it is the most expensive blush in my collection and I really hope my mother is not reading this particular post cause when she flips out, she really does, which means I might be earning a session on how ‘dull-witted’ it is to be spending so much on makeup!! But anyways, I got to do my job and without further delay, here is a review of Bobbi Brown blush in Tawny 2.

Bobbi Brown Women Brightening Brick - Cranberry

The product: Bobbi Brown blush in Tawny 2 is a powder blush that claims to have a silky texture that glides on smoothly. To my mind it is a blush with a regular texture, like most powder blushes but what drew me to the blush is its promise of being long lasting. Long story short, I had visited the Bobbi Brown store on my birthday to get my hands on the shimmer brick (as a birthday gift to myself). The store personnel applied the shimmer brick but insisted I use it with a blush. So, she applied a random blush from the same collection as Tawny. Now, my rule while buying makeup is to let it sit on my skin for at least a couple of hours to check for skin reactions before buying the product. So, I headed over to the cinemas to catch a movie while I was waiting. After I left the cinemas and also had my dinner, the first thing I noticed was the blush. It was intact!! So here is where the story ends, I rushed to the store (nearly rushed for it was almost closing time) and bought the blush.

Lasting and finish: This is an extremely long lasting blush. One that comes close to my all time favorite Benetint from Benefit. I can safely say that Bobbi Brown blush in Tawny 2 lasts for a good 5-6 hours on me before fading away. The finish is another reason why I love it so much. It is a perfect matte finish that looks extremely natural on me. It does not have any shimmer or glitter whatsoever, but when seen in natural daylight, one might notice very minute specks of shimmer but none of those transfer to the skin. The effect is totally and truly matte.

The color: The color Tawny 2, is the most natural looking color in their entire collection of blushes. And undoubtedly, the most natural looking one for Indian skin tones. The color is a warm pink with a hint of brown, but for me it the the exact color of how my cheeks look when flushed. The other good part about this blush is that the color intensity can be built up as desired. The application in the first swipe is not bam! in the face like some of the other blushes I own, but is very subtle. Do not get me wrong, the pigmentation is great but it is one of those blushes that look great when built up gradually.

The packaging: Sturdy, classic ‘Bobbi Brown packaging’ is how I can explain it. I have been travelling with it and because of the solid packaging, it has stayed unharmed (I almost broke my Mary LouManizer in transit very recently).

The price and availability: $65 for 3.7 g, available at all Bobbi Brown stores.

My verdict: Bobbi Brown blush in Tawny 2 is expensive no doubt (actually extremely expensive) but if you are looking for a reliable long lasting blush that is non-shimmery and remarkably natural looking, then this baby is for you. I am very happy with it and have been using it non-stop for a month now. I have no complains for it applies beautifully with any blush brush and the effect is a gorgeous healthy flush. I highly recommend this blush.

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