How to Deal and Conceal Dark Circles

Blue is my favorite color, but not when it is under my eyes. Yes, I have extremely dark circles (with bluish-brown undertones) around my eyes. I understand that they are a result of poor lifestyle choices such as lack of sleep, excessive eye-rubbing and well, I also have my genes to blame! But having said that, no one wants dark circles and certainly not me, but sadly so, I have never been proactive in working on them until very recently (call me lazy or just the fact that I had accepted those blue companions and moved on!) But today, let me share with you what I have been doing for the past few months and I must admit, it has been certainly helping.

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1. Moisturize: They say that the periorbital skin (skin around the eyes) is the thinnest skin in the body which gets thinner as we age. And since most of the times, dark circles are a result of oxygenated blood pooled beneath the under eye area, certain over the counter creams can help in thickening and plumping the periorbital skin, helping (over a period of time) with the reduction of dark circles. I have been using the Clinique Even Better Eyes-dark circle corrector before bed everyday (I do get lazy sometimes and skip, but for most days I am good). I would not say that my dark circles have reduced dramatically because of this, but I feel they will get better with time. Plus, the area around my eyes feels quite hydrated and soft since having used this product for over 5 months now.

2. Lifestyle changes: 

Going to bed in time: I am a person who is hyper at night, my head starts getting creative, ideas get flowing and fantasies start building after 10 pm, so it is very difficult for me to dose off early. But lately, I have been making a conscious effort to sleep in good time and get at least 7 hours of rest.

Rubbing my eyes: I have a habit of rubbing my eyes at the slightest irritation. I understand that doing so only ruptures blood vessels further, adding more to the existing darkness. But I am careful about not rubbing my eyes too often now. I try to simply wash my eyes with water whenever I feel the irritation.

Crying: Now most of us will not admit but things can get rough sometimes which means tears and often loads of them. Simply put, when I cry, I bawl and for hours. Over the years, this has certainly put strain on my eyes and has affected my under eye area adversely. I know I can not completely avoid crying, but in difficult times, I try to remind myself that it is does not help anyone when I sob. I try to distract myself in such situations and my eyes thank me for it the day after.

Reducing salt intake: I reduced my salt intake for the sake of my acne, but I have been told that excess salt can cause water retention in a number of areas and one could be under the eyes, which in turn can cause puffiness. I am trying to stay clear of having too much salt now.

Reducing stress: I cannot emphasize enough how bad stress can be for our bodies. It definitely affects us adversely making us looking tired and older. And I see a direct reflection of the same in my eyes every time I am stressed. I have been consciously making efforts to reduce stress. You can read some of my stress reduction tips here.

3. Makeup: I admit, makeup is the most temporary but a highly satisfying way of reducing the appearance of dark circles. I have been using the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Dark Peach for a few months now, topping it up with the MAC Select Moisture Cover in NC42. The peach tones in these concealers help in counteracting the blues under my eyes making the under eye area look a lot less pigmented. I have been using my foundation over these products, setting everything with a light dust of powder. But surprisingly, these steps do not make my under eye look cakey or muddy, in turn, everything looks seamless and one with my natural skin.

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